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Welcome to Roll Delivered

We deliver premium toilet paper to you monthly for $8.99. Simple.

No Hassle!
One Step Signup. One Step Cancellation.

  • 1No more runs to the store.
  • 2Never carry bulky packs of toilet paper in public again.
  • 3Automatic monthly delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Roll Delivered thing?
Thanks for asking! Roll Delivered is a service to deliver you toilet paper every month. All you have to do is sign up with us and you will never have to think about toilet paper again. We ship it over automatically so you never run out. Nationwide shipping is included in the price so there is nothing extra you have to worry about.

How big are your rolls compared to other leading brands?
Our rolls are bigger, cheaper and guaranteed to last longer than even the largest Premium Double Rolls sold by our competitors. We don't compromise on softness or fluffyness so you will always be satisfied! Competing "Premium Double Rolls" have less than 200 sheets and average over $14.00 for 2000 sheets. We're Simply $8.99 for 2000 sheets - and you never have to remember to buy any again!

How much do I get?
In every monthly shipment we will send you 2000 sheets in 4 special premium quality rolls. This should be enough for even our most power users.

Do you guys send prison (poor quality) roll?
Absolutely Not! We only ship premium quality product from the nations leading brands! No single ply poor quality products here. Only Super Awesome Premium Stuff.

How much is shipping?
FREE! Our prices include shipping to any address in the Continental US.

Will I be automatically billed every month?
We know how much of a pain it can be to be automatically hooked into anything. We make cancelling a breeze. We want to make this simple and hassle-free. We like our customers. We want you to be happy!

How many people is one Roll Delivered order for?
Our sophisticated mathematical models are based on usage statistics for one to two people :). If you have more than two people in the household, we recommend you purchase multiple packs.


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About Us

We built Roll Delivered to bring you peace of mind. We are taking the hassle out of buying, transporting and storing bulky bathroom rolls to give you simplicity you can rely on. We are committed to our customers and welcome your comments or concerns!

The Founders:

Imran Khawaja
Imran Khawaja
Programmer,UMBC & JHU Computer Science
FH Malik
FH Malik

Longhorn. Former consultant, financier and current Toilet Paper enthusiast.


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